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Intellectual Humility
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It’s okay to be the savviest person in the room and it’s also okay to be the one with the most to learn. But being smart should never be used like ninja stars. That's because Hylink looks for different people that encompass multiple aspects of intelligence: Logical, emotional, creative, linguistic, and street. These intelligence quadrants enable Hylinkers to deal with “vague”, and have the intelligence to see beyond what is currently being discussed and always thinking about the Endless Possibilities that digital can create. To dream. To execute. To troubleshoot. Combining intelligence with humility has allowed Hylink-ers to rapidly become trusted advisors to our clients' C-level, Director, and Management level clients over the last 25 years.

Time Equity
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Did you know that if you invested in the stock market, you would double your money every 7-10 years? Time is the only asset we cannot buy, and never have enough. Once this moment goes by, there is no more of it. Hylink looks for people who understand their equity that their time creates in a company. Just like a stock, changing a job every day like a day trader is not as effective as buying a stock early and holding it for the rest of your life. Hylink looks for an ideal candidate who appreciates the intrinsic value of what they do for the organization every day, beyond the extrinsic commodities that are given to highly intelligent people. We seek those that understand this intrinsic value of time equity. You spend more time at work than sleeping. You should be rewarded for the effectiveness of contribution, be invested through our 60-day career reviews, benchmark yourself with your peers at our quarterly OKRs, and challenge the bottom up. Every day.

Integrity, Intelligence, Ambition
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To quote the great Warren Buffett, when hiring the right individuals, "you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don't have the first, the other two will kill you". Well said, Oracle of Omaha. Hylink looks for three similar qualities of ”Integrity, Intelligence and Ambition", of which if there is no integrity and intelligence than ambition does not matter. Therefore, during the interview process, candidates are routinely asked situational and experiential questions that will identify a future leader, a dependable colleague, and a respected manager.

Be Pioneering, Inquisitive, Explorative
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Do you like to build your own list of the top 10 breweries in your city? Have you ever traveled just to try local cuisine for yourself? Have you moved around a lot? Do you read to constantly feed your sense of curiosity through a book, trying to absorb YouTube? Do you like delicious pie? Exploration feeds the soul and widens your understanding of the world in relation to others. Hylink looks for people who are on a life-long quest of curiosity, who need to ask Google, Alexa, or Siri, everything from "is react an emotion or a coding language?" to "are pigeons good luck?" Because armed with an insatiable thirst for exploration and curiosity and a fearlessness to ask questions, we can then be great Pioneers. Inquisitive people ask questions, because they know there isn’t a stupid question. Just questions that can (please Google) and cannot (experiential) be Googled. Inquisitive people constantly try to make themselves and those around them better. By being Inquisitive and an Explorer, great Hylinkers Pioneer new ways, propose what's right, try to understand others better, taking different points of view. These qualities make great leaders, great team players, great client advisors. Great Hylinkers.

Gai Shan
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Gai shan is continuous improvement in Chinese. It means we look for candidates who know they can do better, never satisfied with today, and are restless in doing better work not just next time, but this time. Yes, it is already better than it was last time though, but all of our staff at Hylink are empowered. Gai shan at Hylink allows every member, regardless of tenure or title to stop, modify, or create a process that allows work to come more efficiently, effectively, and creatively. This might mean new tools, a new process, modifying an existing practice, redrawing the team on this project, or simply looking back at what was learned and adding elements to make the work even better.

Gai Bian
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Gaibian is "change". Change is the only constant in life, work, and at all times. Hylink strives to find those who can constantly change, deal with change, manage change, and constantly improve within a changing environment.


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